PAASS Program Overview

The Professional Aerial Applicator Support System (PAASS) was instituted by NAAREF in 1996. A yearly education program like no other, PAASS is created and presented by ag pilots. New content on relevant topics each year covers key safety and drift mitigation issues important to flying, modern agriculture and crop protection. The conscious decision to educate rather than regulate inspired PAASS, hence the motto: "Upon the performance of each rests the fate of all."


Reduce the number of aviation accidents and drift incidents associated with the aerial application of fertilizers and crop protection products.

Means to Achieve the Objective

The NAAREF Board members believe that this objective will be best achieved by providing advanced educational opportunities for all pilots and pilot-operators active in the industry. Specifically, the intent is to develop educational programs that will enhance the commercial aerial applicator profession by improving the understanding of human factors, enhancing critical Aeronautical Decision-Making skills, and inducing positive behavioral change. View More PAASS History, Benefits and Resources

How to Participate

Many State and Regional Agricultural Aviation Associations host PAASS Program educational sessions each year. For more information on this year's program, its presenters and how to attend:

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