Operation SAFE Resources & Tools

NAAA strives to connect members with the resources to conduct liquid and dry pattern testing. While it is strongly recommended to attend an Operation SAFE Fly-In, performing one's own pattern testing is a great alternative. By consulting with an Operation SAFE Analyst, you can still have your participation officially recorded with NAAA and receive credit toward C-PAASS certification.

  • Remote-Analyst Fly-In Protocol

    A generalized guide for aerial applicators to conduct their own spray pattern testing without an on-site Operation SAFE Analyst. Collected test samples can be processed by an applicator or mailed to an Analyst for processing.

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  • DropFlight

    An iPhone/iPad app that allows extremely fast scanning and analysis of water-sensitive spray cards, all on your Apple mobile devices. This tool, created in part by an aerial applicator, is targeted specifically for aerial applicators to use in assessing spray pattern uniformity, effective swath width and droplet size across the swath. NAAA Members will see the exclusive member access code below.

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  • AccuPatt

    Desktop (MacOS/Windows) software to conduct Operation SAFE Fly-Ins. For traditional string/card combination or standalone card-only testing. Designed to be used by Applicators and Operation SAFE Analysts alike.

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