NAAA Education Center

The home for your professional learning and growth in the agricultural aviation industry. Together, NAAA and NAAREF provide educational opportunities to aerial applicators for career development. Our mission is to promote safety, stewardship and professionalism by sharing the knowledge and experience of seasoned aerial applicators and industry professionals.


Certified-Professional Aerial Applicator Safety Steward

As the agricultural aviation industry's flagship professional certification program, C-PAASS promotes safety and application accuracy. This annual certification is offered solely to individual ag pilots who would like to demonstrate to customers, regulators and the public their commitment to safety and professionalism.


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PAASS Program

2022-2023 Program

PAASS Program

Professional Aerial Applicator Support System

A yearly education program like no other, PAASS is created by and given by ag pilots. New content on relevant topics each year covers key safety and drift mitigation issues important to flying, modern agriculture and crop protection. The conscious decision to educate rather than regulate inspired PAASS, hence the motto: "Upon the performance of each rests the fate of all."

Operation SAFE

Self-Regulating Application and Flight Efficiency

Evaluating the spray/spread pattern of an ag aircraft is critical to ensuring it will apply accurately in the field. Operation SAFE matches applicators with the experts and tools required to quantify characteristics such as uniformity, effective swath width and droplet size.