USDA-ARS Aerial Spray Nozzle Models

NAAA is pleased to recommend the USDA-ARS Aerial Spray Nozzle Models developed by the USDA-ARS Aerial Application Technology Research Unit.

The current USDA-ARS Aerial Spray Nozzle Models are divided into two distinct types: those for higher speed fixed-wing aircraft and those for lower speed fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. The higher speed models are applicable for airspeed ranging from 120 to 180 mph, while the lower speed models are applicable for airspeeds ranging from 50 to 120 mph.

The higher and lower speed models were both recently developed to incorporate an extended range of nozzles, spray pressures and orientation angles. These models are updates to the ones you may have used in the past and reflect the current state of the art in spray droplet sizing and classification.

With both sets of models, simply select your nozzle from the pull-down menu, then select your desired orifice size, spray pressure, orientation angle and operational airspeed. The droplet size data and classification will be displayed and allow you to decide if this is the correct setup for the application.

Two new model options are also now available. The first allows you to select either the high or low speed droplet size model, the airspeed, target GPA, desired swath width, the number of nozzles, and the desired droplet size class. A list of nozzle types, orifice sizes, deflection angles, and operating pressures is then generated that meets both the desired GPA and droplet size class. The second new model is similar, but allows you to select pressure as well as the minimum and maximum number of nozzles you can configure on your boom. All the new Aerial Spray Nozzle Models can be found at the link below.

Download Atomization Models from USDA-ARS

For More Information:

Please contact the Aerial Application Technology Research Unit with any questions or concerns about the Aerial Spray Nozzle Models.